Why hire a planner?

As an Hydra native and business owner, I have working relationships with  the BEST! vendors you will need to hire for your ceremony and reception, many of whom do not advertise their services on the Internet or work only with me. You will also need to confirm and coordinate their services, which can get tricky if you don’t speak Greek or have the time to keep track of the many, many details from abroad.

We will guide you and, where possible, assist you in obtaining all necessary documents for either a registry or a church wedding. Regulations vary by nationality and other details, such as place of birth, country of residence, and the laws of your country of citizenship. We have dealt with several cases requiring additional documentation. We are here to protect you from unpleasant, costly surprises!

If you’d like to have a church wedding, Hydra has a number of traditional churches and chapels to choose from, each with its own priest. If you’d like to have a Registry (Civil) wedding, there are several locations to choose from.We can send you a collection of images to browse and then book one for you.

Unless you are prepared to believe what you read on the Internet and take your chances, you will need to come to Hydra personally, often several times, to view venues and meet with vendors and suppliers (restaurants, churches/civil venues, florists, decorators, cake makers, caterers, musicians, to name just a few). The costs will quickly begin to add up, when you factor in plane and boat tickets, hotels, and meals, not to mention the time away from work, potentially for both bride and groom. Are you already stressed? 

A wedding planner can be your feet on the ground, communicating, negotiating, and coordinating with the various service providers you will rely on to realize your vision, allowing you to plan with less stress and ultimately to relax and enjoy your big day.As your wedding planner, I will handle all of this for you, in addition to helping you find the best venues and services in the best prices.

Arranging weddings entails dozens—if not hundreds—of details. Keeping track of them all is difficult enough when you’re planning to get married at home. Organizing everything from another country or even continent is next to impossible. If you’re looking for assistance, have a look at who we are and the various services we can offer.

At White. our main goal is to create unique, authentic, and inspiring experiences, providing the premier wedding and event planning services in Hydra. We adapt our services to your needs and preferences—keeping in mind what’s feasible or practical in Hydra—so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy your celebration.

Also we offer a wide variety of events planning such as conferences, conventions, symposia, company away days, exhibitions, workshops, product launches, seminars, banquets, fashion shows, etc.

We are located in Hydra Island and specialize in weddings and events in Hydra. However, we can offer our services for nearby locations too (e.g., Spetses, Poros, Porto Heli).

wedding planning

If you still have doubts about hiring a wedding planner, here is a checklist to help you decide.