We wish we had a planner!

“When my daughter got engaged the first thing I suggested was a wedding planner. She and her mother both insisted they didn’t need one, that they could do it all themselves. Well, by the end of the planning process they were almost not speaking to each other. They both now agree that we should have hired someone to help and basically mediate between the of them!” Ronald (father of the bride)

“We interviewed a couple wedding planners for our wedding. After booking our reception venue we decided against hiring a planner because the venue said they would help us by giving us all the info we need to book the services supplier. The day of the wedding, the DJ, the musicians and the photographers kept coming to us and asking us questions that we didn’t have answers to (for example where would they be eating…something we didn’t think about!). We wanted to enjoy our Big Day and not spending time dealing with service suppliers! Hire a planner if you don’t want to end walking around sorting things and giving directions the day of your wedding! It’s well worth the money!” Jen (bride)

“We decided to save money and do the planning and organizing ourselves, relying on the internet, email, and Skype. We gave ourselves a huge headache with language-barrier issues and trying to get everyone on the same page. And in the end, we discovered that we never learned of some of the options available to us, because they hadn’t paid to advertise on the English-language website we found!” Mark (groom)

hire a planner!


You have organized a small or a big part of your Bid Day but you have difficulties in finalizing all the details? You have planned everything but you have last minute change which cannot handle by yourself?

We offer last minute wedding rescue planning services and we help you handle unexpected events that cause stress to you.
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